About Reseller Hosting

Also see our sections about Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers.


  • What is a reseller?

    As a reseller you purchase limited resources on a server under which you can setup your own hosting accounts.

  • What can a reseller do?

    As a reseller you have access to your reseller control panel where you can setup and manage your hosting accounts. You are limited only by your plans bandwidth and disk space allowances.

  • Am I allowed to sell my accounts?

    Yes. You can define your own service plans and sell hosting packages for whatever price you feel like.

    Note: Our support communicates with re sellers ONLY, not with clients of resold accounts.

  • Can I make up my own "Terms of Service"?

    Yes, but with limits. You must abide to our Reseller and Hosting Terms of Service. You CANNOT start hosting illegal material or allow features we do not allow. (e.g. you cannot decide to allow IC chat blots, since we do not allow them) A more restrictive Terms of Service than ours would be acceptable.

  • Can I brand my reseller account?

    Yes. You can brand your hosting accounts by uploading your own logos and themes to your clients control panels. You can also set up your own service plans and have your own DENS servers (e.g. ns1.reseller.Com ns2.reseller.Com).

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my running reseller account?

    Yes. You can change your reseller plan any time (FREE of charge) !

  • How much do you charge for bandwidth overage?

    $0.95 for each 1GB. Only bandwidth use in excess of your overall reseller limit is considered overage.

  • How much is additional storage space?

    $9.95 for each 10GB. Only disk space use in excess of your overall reseller limit is considered overage.

  • Do you backup my data?

    We make frequent scheduled backups of your reseller data and all your hosting account data. Backups are copied to an off-server-location once a week.

Client Accounts

  • Can each hosting account have different settings?

    Yes. You can setup each hosting account with individual limits and features.

  • What happens if one hosting account goes over its limits?

    You will be able to see overage of an individual hosting account in your reseller control panel. We will not charge for overage as long as you haven't reached your reseller limits as a total.

  • Can you register domains for me?

    Yes. We charge $22.00 per domain for a 1 year cycle.

  • Can I use multiple domains per hosting account?

    Yes. Your control panel allows you to setup additional domains for each hosting account. An account could have domain-1.com, domain-2.com and domain-3.com all point to the same web site or to individual web sites.

  • What DNS servers will I use?

    You can always use our DNS servers, ns1.hairyglove.com and ns2.hairyglove.com. In addition you can setup custom DNS servers as long as you own the domain you want to use.

  • Who will provide support for my customers?

    It is your responsibility to provide support for your customers. Hairy Glove will only communicate with resellers, not with customers of resellers.