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Eagle Plan
Web Hosting: UNLIMITED Bandwidth - UNLIMITED Disk Space

Select your billing cycle. The longer the cycle the greater the monthly savings.

 $29.95$8.95/first monthly payment($29.95/monthly rate)
 $85.36$64.36/first quarterly payment($28.45/monthly rate, SAVE 5%)
 $161.73$140.73/first bi-yearly payment($26.95/monthly rate, SAVE 10%)
 $305.49$284.49/first yearly payment($25.46/monthly rate, SAVE 15%)
 $575.04$554.04/first every 2 years payment($23.96/monthly rate, SAVE 20%)
First monthly payment: $29.95 $8.95 
One-time Setup Fee: $0.00 

If signing up for a yearly or longer Hawk or Eagle Plan you are eligible for a FREE regular domain.
Order it by selecting "I'll use my own/free Domain" and entering
the domain in the "Domain Name to use" field.

We register regular domains (com net org info biz us name in eu) for $22.00,
premium domains (cc tv ws mobi) for $33.00 and
xxx domains for $111.00

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 Domain Name Registration with Privacy - 1 Year , $29.00/yearly 
 Domain Name Registration with Privacy - 2 Years , $59.95/every 2 years 
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 Secure Certificate with unique IP , $74.95/yearly 
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